Swift Mining CLOSED

Swift Mining and all its services are now closed. As we announced on 9th March 2019 to close the site on 31th March to give every one a chance to withdraw their balance.

We thanks to every user who registered on Swift Mining and built a great community.

What's next for you?

Here are some of our suggestions of sites you can use.

FireFaucet.win : Our another project, which is actively being developed & updated. Although it has its own mining feature, but it is not dedicated mining site, but has lot more features.

Solo.WebMinePool.com : A mining site owned by WebMinePool itself, not many features, manual payments -- but pays.

SimpleCo.in : A nice mining site, with great features and multi coin support, you may find some of the Swift's features here and is, for now, being actively developed.

If you are interested in buying this domain (not the script) to run your own mining or other services, then please contact us!